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i am the devil Date: Nov 18th @ 4:16pm EST
I am the devil

It is easy to see other people when they are equivalent, judge them when they do not do the right thing, when they are sad about something silly, when they are demotivated to fulfill their dreams, when they do not do what you think they should do, when they lie, they steal, they violate , they destroy, they do psychological damage, when they are happy and you are not, etc.etc etc etc

It is very easy to be the devil and judge. I know because I've done it and sometimes I keep doing it. the devil does 3 things very well. Criticizes, justifies, and complains about everything. If it rains, it says it's very cold and if it's sunny, it says it's very hot. nothing has it happy ... I stop being a devil when I stop looking at the mistakes of others and I accept life as it is. when I become aware that my brain is the transmitter and receiver of vibratory frequencies that attract 24 hours through my thoughts everything that goes through my head. At that moment I am not the devil, at that moment my God. Sorry, I do not criticize, I do not complain and I help without expecting anything in return. it would be good to be god all the time ... but I am a devil most of the time, or maybe not, the point is that I am happy in the present with a desire to be god most of my life
Thanks .... Date: Nov 4th @ 3:46pm EST
This blog is not a dismissal. it's just a blog I want to call thank you.

Feeling grateful is the most effective way for anyone to feel emotionally much better. I'm fine, however, I love giving thanks. Thanks to the 500 people who have added me to their favorites list, to the guests who visit me every day and tell me wonderful things, thanks to the readers of this blog, thanks flirt4free for allowing me to meet fantastic human beings, thanks to all my friends who share my crazy things in front of the camera and finally thank the universe for allowing me to give thanks ... :)
I had an enemy ..... Date: Oct 26th @ 7:10pm EDT
I had an enemy that my relevant steps,
and although it seems strange I did not know him,
My plans and my goals all disrupted,
My best wishes for him did not succeed,
One day I was able to find him and claim his cynicism,
I uncovered his face and I found myself,
Since that day everything has been transformed,
for that enemy my friend turned,
My old subconscious that previously interfered,
Then he helped me and my wishes fulfilled,
once my planes in the I trusted him,
almost without realizing he just achieved them,
I convinced the people, trust gave me,
achievement opportunities that no longer messed up,
Today we agree and I knew the truth,
everything is easy and nothing can not be achieved,
I can help others and I do not fear fate,
for it is only I who marks my path,
now that there is no conflict between the two,
I can reach everything, even God ...

From.. Alex Day ,This is my favorite poem and I would like to share it with all of you!!!
my favorite drug Date: Oct 23rd @ 4:52pm EDT
Many people ask me very often about my attitude. I usually laugh and be in a good mood 80 or 95% of the day. with that percentage I consider myself really happy. I write this to tell you what I do to provoke this: my trick is to know how to meditate. Meditation is the most powerful tool to train the mind to pay attention here and now, (according to scientific studies). When we pay attention to the here and now we are grateful with everything we have, the context becomes very positive. If you are alone and you know how to meditate you have time to devote to the study of your being. I do not fear loneliness because with solitude and silence I have come to know myself better than ever, and this makes me choose to be happy even if the circumstances are not so positive.
22 years old Date: Oct 23rd @ 4:40pm EDT
22 years. On October 11, 1996, in the city of Medellín, I was born in this body. Today the people believe that I am 22 years old, but I do not have that. Maybe I have about 75 more years of life. I have already invested 22 years. I invested because they are already part of the past, they left and lived beautiful days that today I can count on with joy and with a sense of importance. the past is gone and will not return and the future does not exist, maybe only have 20 more years of life, or maybe only have hours or minutes, I do not know, the only thing is that what exists is the here and now. I am not 22 years old, I invested 22 years in this body.
Important question: how many years has my soul lived?

or ... does time exist?
why Tylor is a mode? Date: Oct 6th @ 4:55pm EDT
I am a model for a book that one day came to my life. His name is The 7 spiritual laws of success. The author is Deepak Chopra.
In this book Chopra taught me the law of giving. I am motivated to start my career as a professional model because I understood that if we are willing to give what we seek, we will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our life.
I am looking for love and abundance in my life. To give to receive love first I must give love, to receive abundance first I must help others to get that abundance. This is my goal when I talk to a new friend in this place. Give, give my eternity, my company, my charisma and the gifts that the universe gives me to share.
the craziest show Date: Sep 25th @ 7:53pm EDT
One day of the common, as usual, I got up to meditate 15 minutes, had breakfast and went to the gym 1 hour. After having lunch and organizing myself to give play to the broadcast, I saw that on my cell phone more than a year ago I had written something that I never used to read. The phrase said "live as if there were no limits in your abilities". Enough to smile and give him play. A crazy friend challenged me not to do 10 cums. I remembered the phrase and I began the private ahow. I can remember that the first 5 cums I made in 10 minutes, and the other cums .... I say it was a day without limits ... hehe
We have the exotic Amazonian rainforest, tropical grasslands and two Caribbean and Pacific coasts. It is the number one country to have more bird species, despite being so small owns 20% global plant species. around 45,000 plant species. "Colombia has approximately 2,000 species of marine fish and is the second most diverse country in freshwater fish, Colombia is the country with the most endemic species of butterflies, number 1 in terms of orchid species and approximately 7,000 species of beetles. it occupies the second place in number of amphibian species and is the third most diverse country in reptiles and palms There are around 1,900 species of mollusks and, according to estimates, there are around 300,000 species of invertebrates in the country. terrestrial biomes and 314 types of ecosystems "
leaving aside the physical beauty of people, because everyone already knows, in short, Colombia is a rich and abundant place in many positive and good things. He has bad things. Violence exists, and drug trafficking exists. they are things that are not very good but I love my country as I love my mother. My mother also has bad things, and many good things. It will always depend on where I look at things. perspectiova. but she will be my mom all my life. I will not tell you one day "you are my ex-mother". So it is absurd to see Colombia as only negative. We are what we are and you all enjoy what you enjoy thanks to what is Colombia culturally speaking.
COLOMBIA IS LIKE OURS MOTHERS !!! Date: Sep 7th @ 5:32pm EDT
if any have heard that in the news things related to the title of this blog, they are not informing you, they are selling you.
The reality in my country is very different from what Netflix shows. Very often when new people come to greet my room, they ask me "Are you from Colombia? That's where there is good cocaine? Great, I'm afraid to go there but nice to meet you"
this happens so frequently that I am motivated to start my blog with things that do not show the news or netflix. today if you are reading this you will understand why the Colombians or Colombians of this place are of your liking.
Everything is summarized in something cultural, a beautiful culture that has the greatest ethnic and linguistic capacity. This gives one of the largest cultural heritages in the world, We are one of the 17 countries with the most biodiversity in the world. The different cultures and personalities attract many people who visit the countries or who simply visit the room of a Colombian model. it is easy for us to move the waists to the rhythm and compaz of the music, that makes us very attractive when having sex, since we make love with the rhythm as if we were dancing a song.
Start the Blogg of Tylor Jess Date: Aug 31st @ 1:43pm EDT
I want first of all to apologize to all the people who have asked me to please start my blogg. I have delayed making the decision to start it becauseI did not want to do a common blog, I wanted to do something special. I have prepared to put information of pleasure and make this an experience for me and for all very nice. Every Friday I will post something new. I will always write from the heart for all of you ... TJ
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